Step By Step: How to Get a Real Estate License in Ontario

Real estate sales is hard work. But for those who are willing to put in the effort to succeed, real estate sales combines a flexible schedule, the opportunity to be your own boss, and the realistic potential to earn six figures per year and more. 

That said, the career isn’t for everyone. Many people struggle – especially in their first years. But if you’re focused, disciplined, and motivated, real estate sales is one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding careers out there. 

If you have what it takes, we look forward to seeing you in the field! Here's a step-by-step guide to obtaining a real estate license in Ontario, Canada.

1) Meet the prerequisites

To enroll in pre-license real estate sales training in Ontario, you must either have a diploma from a Canadian secondary school or a GED, or pass the Salesperson Program Admission Exam at Humber College.

2) Take the required coursework

Before getting licensed, you must complete the approved “Pre-Registration Learning Path” at Humber College, which you can do online.

The program consists of five courses:  Each course requires you to take and pass an exam before you can progress.

You must also complete two simulation sessions: Residential Real Estate Transactions (35.5 hours) and Commercial Real Estate Transactions (28 hours).

Individuals vary, but most people take between nine months and one year to complete all the coursework. The fee for the Pre-Registration Phase of the program is $3,590.00, and the total cost for the Post-Registration Phase is $570.00.

3) Complete a Canadian Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CCRJMC)

You should begin this process at least three or four months before you are ready to register. More information here.

4) Connect with a great Brokerage

Brokerages vary widely. But choosing a brokerage is possibly the most crucial decision of your real estate career. For new realtors, especially, the support your broker provides can make or break your real estate career. 

The best broker to start your career with is one that:
  Here is a list of questions that you can ask prospective brokerages:

5) Register with RECO

In Ontario, all real estate agents must register with the Real Estate Council of Ontario. To do so, complete and submit an application. You’ll have to pay a RECO registration fee of $590, payable via MyWeb. 

Warning: Once you complete your Pre-Registration Learning Path coursework at Humber College, you only have 12 months after your final examination to connect with a broker and complete the RECO registration process.

If you miss this timeline, you’ll have to repeat the entire program. 

6) Purchase insurance

All Ontario real estate salespersons must participate in the RECO insurance program.

As of 2022, the estimated annual cost of insurance is $500. Pay via MyWeb. More information here.

7) Complete “Post-Registration Phase” training

Once you are licensed and operating under a brokerage, you enter your two-year “articling period.” During your articling period, you must complete the Post-Registration Phase of your real estate training. This training consists of three courses: the mandatory compliance course and two other elective courses. 

If you don't complete the three courses within two years, your registration will lapse. 

So if you have an interest in real estate as a career and a positive attitude, commitment, and drive to put in a full-time effort, Web Max Realty is looking for you! 

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