Office Locations

Web Max is primarily an online brokerage; however, we have 5 pristine professional offices of which are TRREB registered as well as 4 additional non-board offices for those who want to avoid paying board fees. All offices are located around the GTA for our agents to meet their clients and conduct business with use of Wi-Fi, printers, or hot and cold beverages.

TRreb registered Offices


Head Office - Sparks Avenue

1 Sparks Ave. Suite 11
Toronto, ON  |  M2H 2W1
Phone: 416-790-4136
Fax: 416-790-4137

Downtown Office - Yonge Street

6 Yonge St.

Toronto, ON  |  M5E 0E9
Phone: 416-495-2251

Mississauga Office - Queen Street

95 Queen St. S, Unit A
Mississauga, ON  |  LGM 1K7
Phone: 416-495-4023


Thornhill Office - Yonge Street

8165 Yonge St. Unit 1
Thornhill, ON  |  L3T 2C6
Phone: 416-495-2717


Whitby Office - Garden Street

3000 Garden St. Unit 101A
Whitby, ON  |  L1R 2G6
Phone: 416-495-2915


Satellite OFFICES

Coming Soon!